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Samantha Theresa Rowe.

A very slutty scene girl. Very spazy. She loves penis. Extremely scene, but will never admit it. Has a heavy lisp with the letter s. She is also afraid of vampires. YES. Vampmires. She beleives they exist.
Ralphy- "Dude i just had sex with this hot blonde chick last night."
Chris- "Really? Me too."
Ralphy- "Yeah at that kid Rons party."
Chris- "Wat was she wearing?"
Ralphy- "Striaght leg jeans and a turtle neck."
Chris- "NO WAY!"
Ralphy- "Was her name Sammi?"
Chris- "Yes.... Sammi Rowe."
Ralphy- "hahahha you had sex with the same chick i did."
Chris- "ewwww. your cock was in her before mine."
by mr cocky December 02, 2006
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