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Noun. one who has small toes, that appear as if a segment has been taken from them.
"woah look at her feet, that chick is a seggers"
by mr bruce August 31, 2006
one who is known for having zero friends but thinking they have many and generally being hated due to their stumpiness
oh god, fi is such a raging spoota chops!
by mr bruce September 03, 2006
noun, a seriously annoying person who thinks they are hot but in reality, is extremely far from it. Often, they behave as though they are "craved" by all...again, not tru.
"get that stupid lut away from me, i would never go her. is she deluded?"
by mr bruce September 06, 2006
An afl team experiencing currently in white hot form. most commonly known as the underachiever, finally "kicking ass" in the league but still receiving feeble negative comments from supporters of rival homosexual club the west coast eagles, such as "eagles are better cos we won the premiership 12 years ago".....need i say more
"man what was the team who just belted the eagles by 10 goals?"
"ohh that was the dockers, there fucking awesome"
by mr bruce September 04, 2006

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