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White build up at the side of your mouth when talking for to long
"omg dude, chris has loads of bad mouth cheese hangin off his lips last night"
by mr b allbags August 14, 2008
a woman with a wide gash
hay i did your mum last night, she has a gash like a wide mouthed frog. i thought i was shaggin a welly.

by mr b allbags August 14, 2008
to rub ones feaces on yourself because you cannot afford fake tan

my stool tan didnt work last night, to much corn.

that bird over there has a peanut in her hair, she must have been stool tanning

i tried stool tanning from my dog, i looked like i had varacous vains cos it had been eating grass
by mr b allbags August 14, 2008
to insert a toothbrush into your rear end for sexual pleasure, bristles first
my brush snapped when i was chimney sweeping, its still in the flute now.

i chimney swept my dog

look dude, you do not want to shard whilst chimney sweeping
by mr b allbags August 14, 2008

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