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NAS-tard (adj.) - A person who watches cars turn left for three hours.
"Cletus has lost quite a few brain cells since he began watching stock car racing, he's a first-class NAStard."
by mr & jb September 03, 2006
Uncle Sam's Pig Roast (n) - The act of copulation with an obese woman on the fourth of July.
"Brian's walking kind of funny, he must've gone to Uncle Sam's Pig Roast... by the way, happy Independance Day!!"
by mr & jb September 03, 2006
Einstein hair (n) - When the pubic hair of a woman extends out of her underwear creating the illusion of Albert Einstein in her panties.
"Wow, Haley really needs some grooming... she's got some serious Einstein Hair poking out her panties."
by mr & jb January 26, 2007
PAN-tee DEE-ler (n) - a gentleman who sells his significant other's soiled undergarments to other gentlemen for fun and profit.
"I heard Justin bought himself a new TV, seems he's quite the successful panty dealer."
by mr & jb September 03, 2006
BAR-bee hare (adv.) - the act of multiple splooging (or splooge festival) in a passed-out woman's hair, leaving her with a crusty lid much like a barbie doll that's been in the attic for some time.
"Melissa dear, please hand me the conditioner, I consumed copious amounts of alcoholic beverages and awoke to find myself with such a terrible case of barbie hair."
by mr & jb September 03, 2006
Too-na chin (n) - residue left on the mustache, goatee or van dyk of a man who orally pleasures a woman. Generally more potent when left overnight.
After a night of raucus oral pleasure, Rick awoke to find himself in quite the state of tuna chin.
by mr & jb September 03, 2006
PUN-ching Bag (v) - The act of lifting the penis and inflicting pugilistic damage to the testicle area.
Alex barely recovered after Paige made a punching bag out of him.
by mr & jb September 06, 2006

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