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21 definitions by mr x

A gay locale, i.e. gym, bar, or any other entertainment/lifestyle venue that caters towards a homosexual crowd
The Equinox gym in the West Village is a total cafegueria.
by Mr X June 10, 2004
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old school indian gujarati word (insult) that all the kids during the 80's/early 90's used. can't believe noone uses this no more. sad. so very very sad.
ur a feking bajoo maannnnn.
by mr x December 26, 2004
1 2
indian word for something that is awesome.
see that girl. she's must!
by mr x September 16, 2005
12 23
a watery sensation around your arm pit area, usually build by excessive sweating.
JD's curse was so bad he need prescription deodorant to make things better for himself.
by mr x November 28, 2004
5 16
member of the indian language 'gujerati'.

def; vagina,pussy,fanny.
1. ta-ri bohri vaas maa-re

(your pussy reeks)
by mr x December 23, 2004
3 17
Save Brace - when someone puts a coin into your pint, usually copper, forcing you down it in order to save Brace from drowning.
Save brace!
by Mr X March 23, 2004
3 33
stupid show where people who just have taken many laxitives, get pre-relief for constipation. once they have seen the show(which helps them power up) then they complete the delecate task of ejecting their constipated feces.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhh yeah! relief from my bloated constipation! metumucipal works great, thanks to drangon ball z!
by mr X June 09, 2004
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