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Franco latin..being Black or Niggeresque or Niggerine. Belonging to or characteristic of those of African origin.
(Adjective offensive)
Yes,there were certainly noirsant undertones in that piece of music.
by Mr Henderson Smith February 19, 2009
A Spankmonkey is a creature which requires or needs to be spanked due to its incredible stupidity. These 'things' are often 'caring' for, or are in the 'care' of fucktardsGloidsormongs Residential Social Worker = Spankmonkey..stero-typically speaking. Not all RSW's are Spankmonkeys but those that aren't Spankmonkeys are rare and seldom observed in public. These are often refered to as 'Doctor'.
Well rare mate! I spoke to an RSW today and she wasn't a Spankmonkey! Must be a trainee Doctor!
by Mr Henderson Smith February 13, 2009
Pretty, apparently wealthy young women. They inhabit the West End of London and other fashionable spots.

They are identified by having long blonde hair, lots of face paint, sun glasses, short leather jackets and driving sports cars whilst teasing their hair or checking their lippy.
I was shunted in the Kings Road last weekend by a rabbit! Silly girl was doing her make up!
by Mr Henderson Smith February 17, 2009
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