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1. A name given to a non-existent cocktail.

2. A fat girl having an orgasm.
"I think I'll have a screaming viking too!"
by Mr Ben February 07, 2005
A derogatory word, implying someone intentionally masturbating someone else. The word derives from the sound of a penis being slapped.
"Thawck!" - stated by Mr Ben upon seeing his sister go to her room with her boyfriend.
by Mr Ben February 08, 2005
Someone who doesn't like the mainstream, an individual who goes against the social norm.
"I don't like the Beatles or Elvis. I'm a right Captain Sensible, me!"
by Mr Ben February 07, 2005
The true definition of the word refers to the popular disc-shaped toy that can be thrown around by machoegotists on the beach. However, it can also refer to any old videogame on CD that you no longer want and is so old, it's impossible to sell. Even on Ebay.
"God damn, I've sure got a lot of frisbees here. You want some?"
by Mr Ben February 09, 2005
Similar to a bilbo, a pidgeon was a character during games of AD&D who wasn't given much chance of survival. What seperated a bilbo from a pidgeon was not bad luck but a staggeringly poor performance during combat. Custom dictates that other players must coo repeatedly when a pidgeon is trying to attack someone.
"Don't worry about Tharg The Destroyer, he's a real pidgeon..."
by Mr Ben April 22, 2005
For whatever reason, a bilbo became the name given to an individual who wasn't given much chance of survival during games of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. For added humililation, the name was pronounced in a low voice with the emphasis on the O. Also used to designate an NPC who was clearly about to die in a poorly disguised plot twist.
"Oi, Bilbo! Just pop your head around that door and tell us if any orcs are there... oh, he's been shot in the head."
by Mr Ben April 22, 2005
Another medical term, used to describe obese people who are a Danger To Shipping. Those crazy doctors...
"Ms Winters has a fractured right femur, severe brusing along her right arm and is DTS."
by Mr Ben February 08, 2005
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