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Frequently used in Manglish or even Singlish.
Originate from Cantonese.

1. Casual(ly); simply
2. Do as one pleases
3. Without thought
4. Random(ly)
1. You just cincai wear for tomorrow's event.
2. His work is so cincai that he got punished by the teacher.
3. Don't cincai write your essay.
4. I'll cincai eat at the food court.
by mpt December 17, 2007
1. Used as same as LOL(laugh out loud). Originally adapted from an ad in Malaysian TV in the 90s which is about a chocolate dipping biscuit called Nini. The theme used was very funny so every time others joke about something or laughing, "nini" is expressed. Also applicable in chatting messengers.

2. vulgar Replaceable word with "shit"
1. He lost a game of chess with his little sister? Nini!

2. What a piece of nini!
by mpt March 08, 2007
Only used in instant messaging which means "bye" (almost the same pronunciation of 8(eight) in chinese which is "ba")
A: ok im going to take dinner, bye
B: 8
by mpt April 29, 2008
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