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An amazingly tight, big ass. In relation to the popping sound it would make to during doggy-style or the way a quarter would bounce off of it.

smash factor is originated from a ratio in which a ball bounces off the surface.
"Damn fool, check out the smash factor on her."

"Dude, this girl last night had a NICE smash factor."
by mpimp00gf June 30, 2009
The short amount of time that you have to RESPECTIVELY get a hot chick! The time frame between her ex boyfriend and before she gets another one.
Mike: I really want to take her out asap.

Micah: don't lose faith in her :) gotta give her a lil time since she just broke up with her bf. i swear...she likes talking to you!!

Mike: I know. I just don't want to miss that short Single Window that she'll probably have. She's too hot to stay single long.
by mpimp00gf November 12, 2009

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