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1 definition by mp322

I've had it with everyone bashing dashboard confessional. They're an amazing band who talk about REAL human emotions and REAL feelings and just REAL-everything. So what if the guy sounds like he was raped by his uncle when he was 14? Maybe a lot of us have and we need to vent our pent-up and impotent rage over insufferably "acoustic" music. Or maybe some of us live such sheltered existences that we wish we were raped by our uncles (or manservants) and need an excuse to plunge into some spurious manic-depressive nonsense. And so what if some 35 year old living in his parents basement and driving his parents 1994 dodge stratus talks about the problems of dysfunctional, socially inept, intellectually (and testicularly) challenged 17 year olds? That doesn't mean he can't express his FEELINGS in public and make pity money.
Enough with the hate. Bring the love. Or some blades.
I love dashboard confessionals
by mp322 September 08, 2008