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The inability to post anything potentially objectionable or politically incorrect to your facebook account out of fear that your boss or co-worker may see it and exact retribution or blackmail.
"Man, I would like to post this article about why marijuana should be decriminalized, but I can't because my boss could see it and then, there goes my promotion". "Dude, you're facebook cockblocked, for real".
#marijuana #drugs #facebook #privacy #cockblock
by mp2009 February 04, 2009
To celebrate the new year at a bar that has poor ventilation and can easily be confused with Snoop Dog's recording studio due to the persistent haze of smoke.
"Man, I really don't want to ring in the new year getting cancer". Do we have to go to Dee's?"
#drinking #beer #alcohol #partying #booze
by mp2009 February 02, 2009
1. (noun) Delicious combination of hot sauce, mayonnaise and other secret ingredients that is used as a condiment on subs created by the Shortstop Deli in Ithaca, NY.

2. (adj) an act or thing that is of a high degree of excellence.
1. "Dude, you have to get truck sauce on that PMP sub".

2. "Did you see that dunk by Lebron James?" "Yeah dude, he's the truck sauce".
#awesomeness #food #greatness #delicious #tasty
by mp2009 February 05, 2009
A request or demand (depending on the tennor of the voice of the requestee), in which one party requests that another goes to the fridge and grabs him or her a new beer.

Note: When a brand-new is requested, it is uncouth to not comply with the request.
"Dude, Brand-New"
#drinking #beer #alcohol #partying #booze
by mp2009 February 02, 2009
The Wednesday special at the best Chinese restaurant in Pittsburgh. It is simply so good that it goes by the name "Special" as ordered by the kind Chinese woman who takes the orders.

Note: Extra egg roll is a good idea to compliment Special's delicious steamed rice, combo lo-mein, egg roll, and fountain coke.
"Dude, do you want to get Special on Wednesday?" Usually followed by some kind of carnivorous salivation or caveman-like echo of approval.
#fast-food #eating #food #overeating #fullness
by mp2009 February 02, 2009
When the mayor of your city acts like he still should be in diapers. Indicative behavior includes stealing ideas from others and crediting them as your own, and riding the coattails of others (especially successful sports teams).
"Dude, look at our pre-pubescent mayor, he will do anything to get his face on the news"
#mayor #mayor luke #lucky luke #douche bag #opportunist
by mp2009 February 03, 2009
A mistake involving food, often resulting in regret and second-guessing. Taste, cost, and omission are the most common of these errors.
"Man, I should not have ordered the provolone wheel. Not only was it expensive but it wasn't that good. "Yeah dude, you definitely committed a food error".
#fast-food #eating #food #overeating #fullness
by mp2009 February 05, 2009
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