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When you are about to cum, pull out, cum in your hand, and then smear it all over her mouth.
hey honey, how'd you like your wedding cake early?
by Mozes April 06, 2005
having a tendence to be like a cobra or another poisonous snake
he was so viscious, he had a high amount of cobracity
by mozes November 12, 2004
when you have your ashes of your smoke not tapped into an ashtray and just left to dangle
yo man, ash that bitch, don't let yo carbon dangle
by Mozes March 31, 2005
another word for the folds of skin of a woman's vagina,
that just blows me away.... the amount of visuals... that the term "twat waffles" brings up....
by Mozes March 13, 2005
another way of saying "I give up" or "I forfeit"
This question is too hard, I French
by mozes February 26, 2005

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