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1. (v) to solicit for money on the street in lieu of working; to beg
2. (n) a long, slender projection from a larger parcel of land as delineated on a map
1. He panhandles passersby daily at Union Square and has only been arrested twice.
2. The panhandle of Florida is also known as the Redneck Riviera.
The panhandle of Oklahoma is in the middle of Tornado Alley.
by mozelle58 September 01, 2003
in spite of; not stopped by
Notwithstanding an enormous bankroll, Ralph was a twit.
by mozelle58 June 05, 2004
a male spinster wtih feminine qualities (chiefly New Orleans)
Uncle Leslie was considered by many a ginnywoman as he had no wife, five sets of china, feather curtains and a houseful of Chihuahuas.
by mozelle58 June 05, 2004
with some knowledge or wisdom; fell off the turnip truck
"How dumb do they think I am?" thought the new teacher as she surveyed her new pupils. "Do they think I fell off the turnip truck yesterday?"
by mozelle58 June 05, 2004
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