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2 definitions by moyashiman

See other definitions of Kiran, just as a guy's name, and replace all of the "pretty"s and the "beautiful"s and the "she"s and the "her"s, with "cool"s and "handsome"s and "he"s and "him"s.
Girl 1 - Oh my gosh! That guy just looks like he could rock my world!
Girl 2 - Haha, his name's Kiran.
Girl 1 - No wonder xD
by moyashiman March 14, 2012
This word is originally derived from the Japanese word for sweet potato. Satsuma imo can be used when referring to someone that looks like a sweet potato on the outside, but is actually slightly sweet on the inside. This word can also be used as a nickname for someone who is called a bitch, but is not actually that bitchy on the inside.
OMG! ur such a satsuma imo! hahahaha
by moyashiman March 14, 2012