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to be broken hearted you must be in love first. whatever causes the relationship to end is irrelevant the part that matters is when its over you hate the opposite sex and you try to burn memories with alcohol, and no matter what you do you THINK everything reminds you of that person but it really dosent chillies is just a place to eat its not the magical place where love happens oh and you hate the word love (<3, a pic of a heart, or anyone else in love) too, and even when ur really over that person if they text or call you, you just want to kill them....
best friend: wanna go hang out?
me: no im just going to listen to dashboard confessional all day
best friend: why?
me: because im heart broken
by mowhym3 November 13, 2005
a swamp donkey is A human female that exhibits characteristics of a swamp donkey are; friend humper, dirty and incredibly ugly, incredibly incredibly! UGLY. usually low morals and divorces husband for smelly little hunchbacked man. and then aborts child from hunched back man to prove love, and she’ incredibly ugly and shes a blood sucking money stealing hooker bag

- i cant believe hes humping that swamp donkey
- dude i hope ur new chick dosent become a swamp donkey
by mowhym3 November 14, 2005

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