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1. a location for large amounts of water,...a reliable source for large amounts of water at any time it is needed for the intent of providing health and wellness to all who thirst for it. If there is no water,..then there is no well.
2. To imply that someone is healthy and well.
3. A response someone may reply with suggesting the implication of health and wellness using either truthfulness or with deceptive intent as to suggest what should be there. This response is also used with the word 'fine' as well.
4. A response someone uses when asked how he or she is doing by someone that is not particularly liked and instead of replying with the usual "im fine" response,..the response of "
Im well " is used to suggest what might be needed for the person who asked it.
1. There is a well with water in it.
2. The well provided water to the dehydrated villa .
3. The sick woman is well now.
4.Maurice is not feeling well and doesnt want anyone to know about her infection. At work her coworker, Lauren asks her how shes doing.
Lauren : "Hi Maurice, how are you doing ?"
Maurice : (fake smile) "Oh hehe, I'm doing quite well"
5. Jackie doesnt like Jane but Jane has no clue. Jane says hi to everyone and asks how they are doing. Jackie thinks Jane is mentally ill. Jane walks by Jackie and says hi and asks Jackie how she is doing.
Jane : "Hi Jackie how are you doing?"
Jackie :(pretending to be surprised) "im WELL "
by mountaingirl76 March 20, 2009
a term used when someones neurological transmissions have been altered and are in need of service and the person in need of service suffering from these altered neurological transmissions uses short syllable words or sounds to make it apparent that he or she needs help to speed up the neurological transmissions in any way that can be achieved. The person often uses the 'bzzzz' , 'bzzzz' sound to make fun of his or herself and that laughs hysterically but it is really a neurological cry for immediate help.
person 1: "man this is something I'll be the first to tell ya,...bzzzz bzzzz"(laughing, giggling)..
person 2: "aaayer just needing some air"
by mountaingirl76 March 11, 2009
a word americans use when completely stunned when he or she is caught in the middle of a yawn with his or her mouth wide open in public and the word is immediatly used after being caught with the teeth bucked out during the yawn and the tonsils are shaking violently....
person 1 : (yawning)
person 2 :(staring) "would you look at that"
person 1 (noticing the reaction from person #2) " oh wow,...would you look at that"...
by mountaingirl76 March 11, 2009
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