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3 definitions by motrain1976

An infectious disease that infects a females ankles causing them to float easily above her head.
This mainly occurs while the female is on her back and for some unexplained reason sexual intercourse occurs at the time of infection also.
Jim's wife caught {helium-ankle-itis} and he walked in on her with the next door neighbors gardener doing the "wild thing" in his own bed.
by motrain1976 May 31, 2009
When a girls vagina is sooo tight, your cock actually bends in the middle ( at full erection ), when you insert it in her vagina.

When a cock is under so much resistance from vaginal tension that it bends in the middle.
That little virgins vagina was sooo tight it gave me the dickibenz when I tried to slide my cock in.
by motrain1976 June 28, 2009
A HOT female that "sleeps around" and thinks her vagina is plated in 24K gold. She thinks she is proper, upper class, too good for any guy and other wise better than all the other girls, but she's NOT.
Stacie's a good looking frat girl that hands her vagiana out like a Girl Scout does cookies. This makes her a {Slutskie}.
by motrain1976 May 31, 2009