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Getting a hand job with icy hot
A girl lubes up your dick with icy hot and jerks you off, giving you a ragin cajun
by motoxdeath January 27, 2011
An expressive way of saying yeah, said to show a relaxed state of being. The word can be used in any relaxed atmosphere, and is always used to agree with someone's idea or behavior. It should never be used in anger, only to be used when it is said relaxed and calm.
If someone asks you "hey do you want to go to see a movie?" You may answer with just "mugf". Instead of saying yea sure that sounds cool.
by Motoxdeath November 17, 2009
schwag can be used in place of cool, chill or any other word similar to that. Also can be used as heavy schwag for meanings like badass
Hey you wanna go to the massage parlor and get a ragin cajun? Yea man that's schwag
by motoxdeath January 27, 2011

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