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2 definitions by motorola102

The son or sons of a leader of a boy scout pack. Often believes that he is the shit when it comes to boy scout activities. Is usually a stuck up kinda know-it-all, doesn't seem to have many friends despite the fact most of the childrens parents want their sons to look up to them. Always trying to show off their boy scout skills to parents. Usually has some kind of social awkwardness problems.
Me: "Look at the boy trying to cut that log with an axe."
Mark: "Kinda makes you want to go do it for him."
Me: "Yeah but he's obviously boy scout royalty, he wouldn't let you help out with all the others watching."
Mark: "True that, poor kid."
by motorola102 January 10, 2010
A jewish person who likes to eat carots all the time, usually plays runescape all the time and has no life.
Derek is carotmuncher, thus he has no life but must have great eye sight from all the carots.
by motorola102 May 11, 2008