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Dudes who like their music. Music tastes are usually rock/metal/punk and various types of thses three.....basically every type of music in the rock genre.
moshers like to jump and thrash to their favourite music thats the general idea. Usually dress in black/dark colours and sometimes really bright colours. moshers is more a general term for all types of rockers and its not true that in order to like the music you have to have the dress code.
Not all moshers are depressed and do self harm but there are some who do as there is in every social group. Moshers hate the in-bred townies, chavs and neds because they persecute them for liking music that can be played on a known instrument. moshers like to hang about with their friends and tend to be much happier with people they love, moshers shouldnt be forgotten because they are great people even though the violence of moshing seems to giv the wrong impression.
I'm a mosher and I get things shouted at me by the townies, and at school there are such thick people that don't know the real meaning of what a mosher is that they think i am a goth. So now this bastard calls me a 'moth' which is a cross between a mosher and a goth, but im a mosher through and through. The bastard I hate him. moshers will rule the world!!!
by mosher-a September 16, 2005

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