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The act of loving someone for who they are, faults and all. Loving someone fully takes courage and stamina, especially if there is a lot of work to be done. Whether it lasts or not, you still love that person for what they meant to you. Even if both have moved on. Even if it was only one-sided, it doesn't take away from the real emotion that was felt for that person.

When you love someone, it never goes away, it only fades in intensity.
I will always love you for you
by morphologicalfreedom October 06, 2013
To be alive

Constant learning or progression forward

Contrary to most religious or political stagnation

To move in a direction closer to finding the true self or form

To break free from pain and indifference

To soar
If one is not constantly evolving, one is most certainly flailing
by Morphologicalfreedom September 27, 2013
This term refers to any friendship or relationship that has disappeared. It can describe a feeling of being lost or incomplete. This term is used as an example of a metaphorical or literal "passing on" of someone you valued; someone that you wish you had gotten to know or spent more time with.
Hansel left bread crumbs to find his way, but those pesky birds severed the connection
by morphologicalfreedom October 13, 2013

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