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When your girl friend or wife knows that you like to have sex first thing in the morning and acts like she is asleep until you give up and get out of bed.
Man, I was hoping to get laid this morning but Cindy played pussy possum so I had to work one out in in the shower.
by Morning Wood February 05, 2012
what jaggalos/ettes and psychopathic records workers call rich people sometimes

piggy - rich snobby person
chicken - redneck
lets kill that piggy because he listens to feminem and is a snobby bitch!
by morning wood September 28, 2004
1. a hardcore/metal rap group that rap about how they feel not giving a flying fuck who cares. they call psychopathic records (their company, along with twiztid and others) because the lotus is the only flower that grows during the night, which represents them not depending on mainstream media to publish their "hits", so they grow in the dark aka the underground. born in detroit and proud of it, and always reppin faygo.

2. the group everyone has heard of but only a select few listen to

3. the second name to a metal/hardcore rap group called icp originally standing for inner city posse, as in detroit

4. they are called insane clown posse because violent J does seriously have a mental condition

5. see icp
1. "Fuck critics, fuck your review, Even if you like me, fuck you, Fuck your mom, fuck your mom's momma, Fuck the Beastie Boys and the Dali Llama" -icp song: fuck the world

jack: hey have u heard of icp?
joe: yeah
jack: name a song
joe: ive heard OF them
jack: loser

joe: have u heard of icp?
bill: inner city posse?
joe: huh? u mean insane clown?
bill: thats their new name idiot

bill: dude!
jack: what?
bill: violent jay seriously is crazy!!
jack: WHOA

5. icp
by morning wood March 12, 2005

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