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Engaging in hand to hand contact. In other words, holding hands.
I walked in on Doug trying to get to mormon first base with a girl, while viewing a non-rated R movie.
by mormon_playa September 26, 2007
A simple kiss on the cheek, forehead, or preferably on the lips. Usually a front door kiss, but may take place on a love-sac. Getting to mormon second base usually leads to mormon third base.
Sam made it to mormon second base when he walked her to the door last night. HOLLA AT CHA BOY!!
by mormon_playa September 26, 2007
The act of cuddling, laying down on a bed, couch, futon, hammock, or love-sac. Also known as spooning.
When I turned on the lights, I caught Brandon attempting to get to mormon third base with Cami.
by mormon_playa September 26, 2007
After marriage, when a couple has at least 4 kids. This could possibly happen within the first year of marriage if the couple has quintuplets, or within 4 years if they are diligent.
Zach and his wife keep poppin out babies like every single year. He is swinging for his 3rd mormon grand slam with this last baby.
by mormon_playa September 26, 2007
An open mouth kiss between a mormon couple. This NEVER happens in a public place, and rarely happens before marriage.
Tyrel hit a mormon home run on his honeymoon for the first with his wife after a romantic walk around a mormon temple.
by mormon_playa September 26, 2007

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