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Basically the status all men should aspire to.

Some are born with it, some unfortunately are not. It is truly God's gift.

A player does not have to resort to comedy hair in order to be a bit of a legend.
"Oh my days, Keir is a harsh player"
by morgangills November 10, 2004
A deregotary name for the emo-shite band Panic! At The Disco in which the "!" is read as "exclamation mark".

It originated from the trend of purposefully mispronouncing the pretentious names of shitty emo, NME and scene bands - in order to piss off their fans.

See also iforward russia exlclamation mark and Guile-mots.
uhhhh ohmygodzzzLOL panic exclamation mark at the disco are blates the best band evar....innit
by morgangills May 12, 2006
Basically any dance music that James Morgan and Josh Mills believe to be fucking clown shoes.

In other words it is all the music that James Wilson likes apart from The Prodigy.
Tiesto can fuck off with his ambient hippy shit.
by morgangills November 15, 2004

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