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Someone who has lived or is currently living in Duncanville, TX, the ghetto for sure. Usually a tight ass skank/playa with no job, no money, no car, and probably either in band or has a baby momma/daddy. Good for nothing, not doin' nothing. Lazy ass. Maybe habla espanol...or atleast thinks they can.

ghetto da hood
"Gurrrrrl, you KNOW she'ah duncanvillite."
"Gurl why you say dat?"
"Look at dat WEAVE! Lookin' like a damn Beyonce"
"Shooo, i herrr dat."
by Morgan November 25, 2004
A school with preps, goths, rednecks, "jocks", wiggers, geeks,the drunks, and some normal people. Wherever you walk, you see girls saying "like, what-ev, Oh em gee, I'm cooler than you..Duh." You see guys dressed like they would on halloween, guys that are white acting and dressing like they are black, people running around the school acting physco...geeks with books in their hands at all times. You may see some "clicks".. and the class of 2009 think they're hot shit. You hear about people having sex in teachers class rooms. AKA RM 29. It's a very interesting school.
When you go to Rockland DIstrict High School, you will see everything below...

Preps-the ones that think they're hot shit, but no one likes. Saying dumb stuff like what-ev.. and the examples above.
Goths-the ones that wear all black and dark make-up.. and possibly some are gay.
Rednecks- "Right wicked guy." The ones that look absolutely horrible and talk very annoying.. fishing and lobstering would be their hobby.
"Jocks"-The ones that think they're really good at sports.. and have sex with like everyone.. they also fit into the "drunks". Most of them really aren't that good at sports.. especically if they're from rockland.
Wiggers-all the ones that think they're black but aren't really.
Geeks-the ones that get class awards like 100 times.
Drunks-the ones that come to school hung over pretty much everyday. That's most of the rockland school by the way.

by Morgan June 19, 2006
Originally used or coined as such on FurryMUCK.
Used when happy to see someone or as stated in other definitions 'Wow that person is hot!' Also in a greeting or showing surprise, questioning.. See other definitions for alternate usage.
Usually used by a mustelid character; Skunk, badger, mink, weasel, ferret..etc. Not to be confused with YIFF.
Morgan has arrived.
Har'lea'quinn MEEPS!
(Har'lea'quinn is a friend.)
Morgan meeps in surprise as he's pounced!
by Morgan March 31, 2005
the act of jamming your big toe up the ass of another and then cram the shitified toe down the persons throught
by morgan October 24, 2003
Not a fag farm. Not very many car accidents, or druggies. A very cool place to live. Lots of cool people to hang with.
Man 1: Haslett is AWESOME!
Man 2: Ya I LOVE living here.
Woman: Ya its cool.
by Morgan January 11, 2005
someone whose ego has become inlarged. causing them to act arrogant and often unintelligent.
the saying "hold up swoll up"

refers to one of two things:

1. someone who has done something great, is on a roll, and deserves praise.

2. someone who has done nothing spectacular and brags anyway and receives sarcastic praise.
by morgan July 09, 2004
the act of jamming your big toe up anothers ass then shoving it down that same persons throat.
by morgan October 24, 2003
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