73 definitions by morgan

gettin crazy n fun! n jus lookin liek u havin a gud time
i got crunk in da club
by Morgan March 06, 2005
Air five is a high five through a long distance, usually used when speaking on the phone or writing emails
OOOH good one, air five!
by Morgan February 02, 2005
The greatest country singer ever. Also, very good looking.
Kenny Chesney's tractor is sexy.
by Morgan January 24, 2005
made popular by Paris Hilton. now only said by total posers. or wannabes.
*sees something cool* "That's hot"
by morgan December 18, 2004
I dont care. something you say when someone asks you a question and you dont know or care.
Micheal:What is 8+9 Morgan:i dont know i dont care i dont give a hooters bear
by Morgan August 27, 2003
a term used on instant messaging services. meant as "im gunna go"
urscreenamesuks: yo, im gunna check out, i'll catch ya lata
by morgan April 16, 2005
Squeezing a boob.
if you hold the head steady I'm a milk the cow
by Morgan May 04, 2004
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