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A penis that is so small, it struggles to be over two inches when erect.
Boomer: I just got Sexified! (leaves the room)
Girl: Wow. I just had the worst experience with a two inch grinch. I don't even know if it went in. Maybe an asian would be better?
#dick #cock #penis #rod #shaft
by morgalope December 01, 2005
when a black man rambles on, usually in blackanese, for a continued period of time
Morgan: Whats the homework dude?
Chris O.: Meh i dun fukn no meh i jus gutted me sum chikn wen yo aksed me dat sheyut and i needa cahl mah moms before dat.....
Morgan: Man, quit your nigga nabber, fool.
#nig #nigger #black #dude #cock
by morgalope December 04, 2005
A shit that seeps out of the ass like a waterfall. This occurs in straight streams, or in incraments, commonly known as the squirts.
Ian: Oh man! I just punished the toilets with a horrible case of waterfall shits.
Morgan: And the squirts to top it off?
Ian: Fo sho...
#big shit #waterfall #poo #shit #crap
by morgalope December 01, 2005
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