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7 definitions by moreflare

A major oversight or obvious err in judgement or planning. As in the movie National Lampoon's Vacation, the Griswold family drives cross-country to Wally World theme park to find that it was closed. Or, failing to see an obvious easier route, short-cut, shorter line or less crowded approach to anything while preoccupied following the masses. "Stupid tourist, sheep, rookie mistake".
After spending nearly an hour looking for parking, Ves realized his Griswold mistake of shopping at the mall on the weekend.
by moreflare April 01, 2012
Gesture involving the allottment of personal freedom and individuality onto another. A coveted quality desired by one's significant other. Opposite of co-dependency.
While out drinking in a shady strip club at 4am, Dave explained to his friends that this moment was made possible by his incredible wife who gives good space.
by moreflare January 14, 2013
1. An outrageously hot curry.
2. The enormous courage or talent one has to consume a curry dish that burns like hell on the way in and is likely to do the same on the way out.
The server shook his head in disbelief when the currageous white guy insistently ordered his panaang curry at a level 20 and then re-stocked the bathroom with TP.
by moreflare January 19, 2013
The rhythmic inflections and intonations heard when English is spoken by a person Indian descent. Distinct accent and flow of words detectable when someone speaks to you who is from India.
When I called customer service, I quickly realized by "Roger's" indflection and inordinate politeness, that I was really talking to "Raj" somewhere outside of New Delhi.
by moreflare January 19, 2013
One who is particularly particular about the accuracy of grammar, punctuation and syntax.
Tony:"At the end of a sentence, should I use a single space or two?"
James:"I heard people are now using just one."
Chris:"What?? That's crazy, I was taught it was ALWAYS two!!"
Muffy:"Dude, just ask my professional writer/columnist/blogger friend Mandy, she's a total grammando, so she should know."
by moreflare January 15, 2013
To pun pugnaciously. Whereas "pun"-a play on words with a comical twist and "pugnacious" -eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight.
To use puns in such a manner that indicates you are armed with a verbal arsenal and are not afraid to use it. The feeling of wanting to get a funny dig in on someone.
The comedian made sarcastic punacious comments about Kim Kardashian being pregnant by one guy while still being shortly married to another.
by moreflare January 14, 2013
Of or pertaining to be equally adept in movement on both land and in water. Being equally as awesome on land as well as in the water.
As both an expert surfer and skiier/snowboarder, Raj was often complimented and questioned about his mad skillz.

He would often reply modestly, "no man, I'm just amphibdextrous".
by moreflare January 14, 2013