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2 definitions by mordecai's_margaret

dumbasss- invader zim is the stupidest show ever. everyone loves it and i have no clue why. it sucks.
sane person- have you ever even watched it?
dumbass- no! im too busy displaying my unwanted opinions online and sucking dick!

sane person- ...the fuck...
by mordecai's_margaret July 02, 2011
7 20
Harold is the ghost that haunts Micah and Katy in Paranormal Activity. Harold just wants to have fun, and party on the beach, but he is sometimes clumsy and forgetful. Other people view his actions as harmful, when really he just wants to have a house party.
Micah- Oh wow! the door just slammed shut!!
Katy- Gosh! Lets get out of here!!

Harold- Goolby.... i just wanted to have fuuuunnn
by mordecai's_margaret July 28, 2011
38 59