2 definitions by moran geisenberg

adj. in hebrew: something that is realy awsom and great. mashoo- something. benzona- useualy a curse(son of a bitch) but on that case represent something good
person: the party last night was mashoo benzona!

person: i just got a new playstation mashoo benzona!
by moran geisenberg August 01, 2005
adj. in hebrew: totally! its true!
or: make something greater.
can come before another adj.
"achusharmuta cool"

2: in arabic: a curse- your sister is a slot
girl 1: did you see that guy? he's hot!
girl 2: yeah, achusharmuta!

girl: this drees is beautiful achusharmuta!

girl: he's ugly achusharmuta!
by moran geisenberg August 01, 2005

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