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When you listen to a song and latch on to any possible drug reference no matter how ridiculous it is.
Robert: Did he say "knockin on heavens door" or "let me hit that sweet thing"

Zimmerman: Bro, you're 60s reaching.
by mophead1 July 27, 2010
When you date a girl for a month without getting head so you know it's going nowhere or she must be a lesbian/alien.
Jroc: How long have you and ashley been going out?

Vanilla wafer$: A month bromosabi.

Jroc: And she still hasn't prayed at the altar? man you guys are headed-nowhere.
by mophead1 July 16, 2010
When a young person is shunned and rejected because of their classic interests. Music, Movies, etc. Like Benjamin Button was because of his disgusting appearance at first.
Jock 1- Dude, Dante likes Frank Sinatra AND Marx Brothers movies

Jock 2- Lets give him a good ol' lynchin and make him show us his dick but call him gay for it

Jock 1- He's so Benjamin Buttoned
by mophead1 August 08, 2010
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