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1 definition by moonyjesy

a very kind and loving guy, who will
do anything and everything to make you happy.
he has a beautiful smile, although he hides it beneath
his addictive lips.
you can talk to him about anything, any problem and he
will talk it out with you untill it is solved.
he'll hold your hand soo tight.
his bacon sandwiches are amazzingg..
he is spontanious, and suprising,loves his music and i love his dances !
my jaw locks everytime i'm with him, makes me laugh untill my stomach burns.
basically, an amazing human bean :]

i love you spikey, i hope this helps you realise how much.
xx squishy
a) steven, theres a lion in my sock !

b) nom nom NOM! said steven

c) i love you
by moonyjesy July 15, 2010
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