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Most Ballin-ist Player
"I'm the M.B.P., Most Ballin-ist Player
Make my own moves, call me the mayor..."
JD - Welcome to Atlanta Remix
by mooning May 10, 2005
The best white rapper after Eminem. Part of MVP which includes Vice Verse and Stagga Lee.
"Like BOOM! I be at the hotel soon
We gonna put the lens on zoom, Benz on VROOOM!
As long as you got the right perfume
Aint no body checkin out the telly tell noon"
MVP - roc ya body
by mooning June 07, 2005
An Uzzi, which is a great weapon to aim on someone you really hate!
"I got a long UZ', and I carry it all day
Sometimes it's like a nightmare, just bein Andre..."
Dr. Dre - B**ch Please II
by mooning May 10, 2005

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