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A nice, cute and pretty girl. She will move mountains to make her loved ones happy. A strong independent girl, she will do everything to get things done how she wants to. She gets so funny sometimes, it leaves u laughing in the floor. She is hot too and smart. Lots of guys want her but she already has a crush on sb. Erla is a whole package !
-My best friend just threw the best birthday surprise I have ever experienced !
- I bet she's an Erla !

-I have a crush on Erla but she always blows me off with these amazing sarcastic answers!
-Baside that she ia so perfect...she is always hungry ! ALWAYS !
by MoonChild May 06, 2015
Ok some people here are getting confused... Im south african so I know what Im talking about, An afrikaaner is an Afrikaans person, an afrikaans person is someone who talks afrikaans. Black south africans and white south africans that dont speak afrikaans are not afrikaaners. Afrikaaners are the ones that came up with the idea of apartheid, not the english south africans or the blacks. So people in south africa who arent afrikaans and you call them that will get really offended so I advise you not to.
American: HEY! so whats it like being an afrikaaner?
Black south african: what are you talking about??!? Im black and speak Zulu, im not afrikaans!!! (he then beats the american with a stick)
by moonchild November 26, 2005

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