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a large amount of cum. typically acquired by a slut from various amounts of men.
the porn i watched showed a girl making an omelette out of a cumbrew. it was fascinating.
by moonbeamsexypants January 10, 2009
food that is not a solid but not a liquid.
scott what the fuck are you eating?!

pecan pie. it's a slolid dontchaknow!
by moonbeamsexypants January 10, 2009
A fairly short to medium length story with basically no plot or point. Originating from Paige, the master of all meaningless stories.
Paige: hey i have this cool story. today i went outside and there was a bunny in the yard. it was eating grass i think. and then it heard the door shut behind me and it hopped away into my crazy neighbor's yard...

Me: what the fuck... that was a paige story.
by moonbeamsexypants January 12, 2009

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