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A southern colloqial for a severe case of pubic crabs.
The bitch's crotch crickets were so bad, her gynocologyst had to call Orkin, just to get a "pap" smear......
by moon doggie April 27, 2003
Ones back-up girlfriend/boyfriend.
No song is as sad as the song of the second fiddle. (OR) She was being played as his second fiddle.
by moon doggie April 27, 2003
a bra.....
look at those melons in that over the shoulder boulder holder.
by moon doggie April 27, 2003
Where a person has more than just issues to deal with. Problems+issues...
It took that bitch 6 months to figure out that "cunt" meant "sweetheart".Boy does she have "prissues"....
by moon doggie April 27, 2003

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