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The art of pouring a beverage (of your preference) into a shoe (or any other foot-wear that you may be wearing), and drinking it out of the chosen foot-wear. People who are not cool "wouldn't do shoosies". These people are often then chastised and given a bad reputation due to their lack of balls.
Hey you're a wanker! You wouldn't do a shoosie.
Give me that! I'll show you.
by montrose_boyz November 10, 2006
Just a general cockhead.
"Man did you get the beers?"
"Oh shit i forgot!"

"Stupid fuckhoop"
by montrose_boyz June 22, 2006
When one is simply too lazy, or feels that they're too cool to write back to ones text message, facebook wall post, or message. Everyone has a few of these people in their lives, and it is time that a stand it taken against this.

Joe: Hey Jimmy, what's been happening? Fancy going out for a few of the coldest cold ones soon or what?


Joe: Since when were you the president of the ARC?

(ARC (Anti-Reply Campaign))
by montrose_boyz March 14, 2009

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