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bumpy knuckles, AKA freddie foxxx, is from NY. one of the true underground rappers. worked with dj premier, biggie smalls, gangstarr, M.O.P. and many many more. he raps about thug shit and has one of the most in your face styles known to rapping. freddie foxxx was raw. some of his best songs include, the chancesellor, p.a.i.n.e., tell 'em im here, and gangstarr's - the militia.
bumpy knuckles is a raw nigga, straight street, i will slap your motherfucking ass and squash beef. word is bond.
by montgomery of portland January 18, 2009
Beak; is another word for vagina. female genitals. when a girl is standing up with legs slighty spread, shoulder width apart, you will witness the beak.
that chics beak was hairy dude!
by montgomery of portland January 18, 2009
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