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1. Displaying general lack of incompetence. 2. An ability to complete an unimpressive task satisfactorily. ANTONYM: inept.
He would be perfect, because he is more than ept.
by monster February 19, 2003
an awesome person =]
shes .. a dude, hahahahhahahaha
Guilnor found it!
by monster November 12, 2004
A person that tries to to prevent others from being a GoldenGung.
Greedy Obnoxious Liar Decieves Everyone Nowadays...GoAway U Noob Go!
by Monster August 02, 2004
Snatchpop is a word normally used to describe or make fun of anyone with a last name starting with batch, and ending with koff.

Snatchpop can also be used as a verb meaning to totally do the opposite of what was planned. Usually used to relate an action to the action a less superior person would normally perform.
Batchkoff who? Oh you mean snatchpop

Don't snatchpop the answer
by Monster December 10, 2004
A Cock Sucking Mother Fucking Good For Nothing Piece Of Shit Control-Freak Faggot With A Slut Named Tweety.
Him, his mom, his whole fucking family, his slut tweety, and every other fucking aspect of his little gay ass life.
by Monster August 01, 2004
Teh uber hottness boyfriend of lil aries girl.
He is like sooo hot.
by Monster July 28, 2004
a person who was originally mistaken for a girl due to his name and the multi-use of it
omg! i see it! i see it!
by monster October 18, 2004

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