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a state of urination out of the penis or the vagina but at the same time excretion from the anus are performed in unison.
That bitch was dumpinpissin on my face!!
by monkeytits April 03, 2008
an extraordinarily mental individual that lacks the mentality to rationalize his existence but fully understands the point behind Dumbo's ears.
I met a guy in science class today and boy was he dopydumb!!
by monkeytits April 04, 2008
A stupid plastic bag that contains Styrofoam cups only in twenty.
I bought Big Cool, Twenty!!!! Cold!
by monkeytits April 03, 2008
verb - to stomp onto the stomach of a freshly deceased corpse with such force that its internal organs erupt from its anus/vagina. Usually performed so that the guts spray into the face of a willing volunteer for their perverted pleasure.
Jon: "How'd you like that time when I crumped your mum all over you?"
Dan: "It was the hottest thing ever"
by Monkeytits March 06, 2014
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