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5 definitions by monisha

A Bengali word for male genitalia
Tomar dhone maal beshi hoiche naki..je amar bou re chodao?
Transl: Is got hard of a cock full of cum to dare to fuck my wife?
by MONISHA December 18, 2003
A deshi whore
khanki magir vhodar moththe kurkuri ache. naile para sobare chodai ya baraibo keno?
Transl: the whore must have some kindda pussy itch, otherwise y she fukin' around with whole buncha boys in hood.
by MONISHA December 18, 2003
Noun; A Bengali salg for fuck.
Ashok amake shei din bhalo chodon lagia chilo.
Transl: Ashok gave me such a good fuck the other day.
by MONISHA December 18, 2003
one sexy sexy man and has a gorjus voice
my whole life has changed - ginuwine
by monisha December 13, 2004
V. A Bengali slang word: To fuck
Ai cheri aak choda dia-e vhodar ross ber kore diebo!
Transl: Hey baby, I will fuck you sooo good that your pussy juice will come out at once!
by MONISHA December 18, 2003