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The great link between Business (or end process) and Computer Science
Involving the way information is gathered, processed, and used in a meaningful way.
Computer Science Majors – boast about how many lines of code they can write
Information Systems Majors – boast about how much money they have saved and created for overall business.
Business Majors – boast about their new sports car after high earnings and cut cost - dependent on the performance on their Information Systems which is dependent on Computer Science.
Information Systems creates logical use out of organizing and processing data through information technology.
IS makes CS useful
IS makes Business actually work (and increasingly so in the new Information Era)
Top IS programs: MIT and Carnegie Mellon
IS has yet to find a permanent home in the School of Computer Science, Business, Humanities
Professionals in IS who are really good at what they do are an asset to any company and are normally paid accordingly. Or can leave and find their place somewhere else (sometime creating their own business – usually successful)
IS professionals also have bigger hard drives than CS and Business professionals as well as cocks.
Hey man, did jimmy order those parts before he got fired?
No dude, our Information Systems does that automatically now.

CFO: "we need to be able to process 9 million transactions integrated with EDI and have our production line update automatically while being able to offer real time analysis and GPS tracking as well as electronic invoicing. Oh, and if one thing does not work correctly (even if the correct way contradicts our business logic) YOU ARE FIRED"

CIO: "Okay"
by moneymaker1212 January 05, 2009

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