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Refers to the film by Gaspar Noe about a druggie, his sister, and their life in Tokyo. Because of the unconventional plot and trippy effects, also refer to taking drugs and preparing to "enter the void".
Person 1: Have you seen Enter the Void?
Person 2: No, but I took a lot of drugs. Same thing.
by moneyandpower January 28, 2012
Like a Freudian slip, but instead flipping someone off. When your hand just happens to have the middle finger up.
Person 1: "You really need to work harder..."

Person 2: * starts scratching their shoulder with middle finger up*

Person 1: "Hey! Are you giving me the Freudian flip???"
by moneyandpower January 02, 2011
Udo Kier is an incredibly talented and strange German actor. Born amongst the bombed ruins of a hospital in WWII, he rose to be officially the sexiest man of the 60s and 70s. He has starred in many cult films, such as Suspiria and Flesh for Frankenstein. Udo is also bros with Lars von Trier and continues to make every film a better experience. He can hypnotize literally anyone on the planet, but chooses to use his powers for good. He currently hangs out in Palm Springs with his dogs, thriftin, chillin, and unintentionally drawing the adoring stares of men and women for miles around. Udo Kier is too damn cool.
You have to see Suspiria, if only for the fact that Udo Kier blesses the screen for a glorious five minutes.
by moneyandpower December 15, 2014

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