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10 definitions by mondo

term used in the bay area to throw down, fight.
me and this foo bout to chunk it wit these poodles you down
by mondo April 23, 2005
69 18
The most bad-ass anything can be, one step above nar nar. As defined by the great J-dawg. Excellent for describing those extra stanky farts.
Dude, I wouldn't go in there, I just dropped a pow pow and that shit was super shaka nar nar.
by Mondo November 20, 2004
12 3
a man with deformed genitalia resembling a tree branch
This guy has a dalyarak!
by Mondo December 01, 2003
14 5
a blockhead, a chaod, a big-time loser
This guy's a dalyarak!
by Mondo December 01, 2003
10 6
A strange creature from the island of Blackan that lives off of mold-covered rocks. These creatures are by far the most unintelligent in the animal kingdom. They can eat through walls and crack stones on their heads. Friendly yes, but can convulse and attack without mercy. They are very poisonous especially in the Summmer.
I just ran over another joshatang; it's yellow eyes were gleaming like fireflies--I got scared.
by Mondo August 15, 2003
5 5
a man with limp and impotent genitalia
I'm glad I don't have a dalyarak.
by Mondo December 01, 2003
2 4
the piece of flesh discarded after the circumcision of a penis
Dr. Mack, where should we place the new choads?
by Mondo December 01, 2003
1 11