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An actress known for her immense beauty and child-like charm. Was underrated and underappreciated during her life, but when she died people saw how great of an actress she really was.
There are sad people who try to pose off of Marilyn Monroe, like Paris Hilton, but fall short and just look sad.
by Mona Lott March 15, 2006
A beautiful actress who has poor taste in men and is a slut, but likeable. And to anyone who says without her tits she'd be Paris Hilton is WRONG! Paris Hilton is Fugly and skinny and NASTY. Pamela Anderson at age 90 would STILL be prettier than Paris Hilton!
Pamela Anderson was so much prettier in Home Improvement with her natural lips and eyebrows.
by Mona Lott February 18, 2006
Tony Blair is George W. Bush's little bitch, whereas, Georgie Boy is Satan's little fuck puppet.
Tony Blair, George W. Bush and Satan are in a threesome together.

The Luv Train:
(O(SATAN =D (O(George W. Bush =D (O(Tony Blair =D
by Mona Lott February 23, 2006
The MUCH prettier, underrated Hilton sister. Viewed as the "unpretty underdog". She remained friends with Nicole Richie after Paris discarded her. And actually WENT to college. When she smiles, she looks genuinely nice, unlike Paris' cocky smirk.
I may not like Nicky Hilton, but at least I don't hate her like the little whore Paris Hilton.
by Mona Lott February 24, 2006
Britney Spear's loser husband's future monicker(nickname).
Some Guy In The Near Future:"Britney Spears dumped K-Fed. Now he's K-Fed-Ex."
by Mona Lott November 29, 2005
Someone who's breath smells like a penis has been there from giving a bunch of blowjobs.
My dog sucks his own weenie. He has penis breath.
by Mona Lott November 28, 2005
1. To sell you soul for A-list stardom. see: easy virtue

I used to like Katie Holmes, but now she's just a knocked-up ho.
by Mona Lott March 14, 2006
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