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21 definitions by momus the sarcastic

The Financial District of San Francisco, California. Also known as Wall Street West.
My office is in the FiDi near Market Street.
by Momus the Sarcastic August 06, 2009
13 5
to annoy someone by poking them with a sharp object like a pen, pencil, or fingernail.
Please stop acupestering me with your pen.
by Momus the Sarcastic May 12, 2012
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adj. cunty and ugly.
Her new hairdo makes her look so cungly.
by Momus the Sarcastic June 01, 2009
5 4
Neck skin that hangs over a too-tight collar.
She: You need to buy new shirts.
He: Why?
She: Your collar is so tight that you have a neck muffin.
by Momus the Sarcastic January 30, 2010
2 3
eating while making disgusting grunting, snuffling, snarling noises; usually accompanied by food stains on clothing, mouth, table.
He: What's that noise?
She: It's Bob. He's ogre-eating a pizza.
by Momus the Sarcastic December 08, 2009
2 3
No Fucking Chance.
Joe: Do think that you'll get a raise this year?
Jane: NFC, no fucking chance.
by Momus the Sarcastic October 08, 2009
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A young fan, ususally a girl, who shrieks uncontrollably every time a teen idol is seen nearby or at a show.
The tweeny girls became fanshees when the Jonas Brother appeared.
by Momus the Sarcastic September 03, 2009
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