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1. beloved from afar
2. pet name for Moms with Swedish ancestry
Love ya' Mominska.
by mominska August 03, 2010
a delicious and frugally prepared treat or meal
Lunch was frugalicious, as usual. I love the tasty bits that leave enough room to want more and more and keep me coming back.
by mominska August 02, 2010
1. tasty CHUNKS of LUMPY old food handy for GOBBLING a quick meal
2. busy Moms favorite quickie
3. scraps but still too good for the dog
Gobbalunks tonight featuring a bit of spaghetti, some curried chicken, and that spicy stir-fry with veggies.
by mominska August 03, 2010
A shrewd, sagacious, and crafty character trait combined with intense frugality
Frugalacious people are always the best planners for events that could become extravagant if enough funds were available.
by mominska August 02, 2010
The quality of using your smarts sagaciously to live frugally.
The entertainment was done with frugalacity but quite a bit of style. We not only had fun but we learned a lot.
by mominska August 02, 2010
OutSide KittY, a worker cat who lives outside defending the area from invading mice and other small creatures.
Osky perches on the tree stump out back near the stonewall where the chipmunks and mice traverse. He's so thin because mice are not fattening.
by mominska August 03, 2010
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