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Ryan Sheckler is a famous skateboarder who has become a sellout with his new reality show. He is a whiny bitch, but beside that fact for some reason most girls are obsessed with him because of his good looks. However in his hometown of San Clemente(the hometown of this writer)everyone at his school hates him. He has a reputation for being a huge pussy, and douschbag. Him and Tony Panici are not well liked. They are both short douchebags in which everyone is annoyed with. On halloween, they like to drive around drunk and try to hit on young freshman. The following example DID happen.
at a party while someones parents are away...

Partygoer: Hey Ryan Sheckler is all alone at the door, hes trying to get in!
Host: Lock that dumbass out!
Partygoer: Hey hes jumping the fence to your house! and Now hes in your backyard banging on your screen door!....
*Somebody writes 'no pro skateboarders allowed' and puts on screen door.
Host: haha there he goes! That pussy ryan sheckler!
by mollyyyyyyy July 10, 2008

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