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To talk like an old person; especially about physical maladies.
When I asked Joe how he was doin', I didn't want to hear him geezing for 10 minutes about his root canal.
by mollytim June 19, 2010
To attempt to change one's sexual orientation or mannerisms from gay to straight.
Look at that guy in the thong!
You'd think he would try to defagment himself a bit.
by mollytim July 10, 2008
Balls, Cojones, Testosterone
She has terrible breath, But I don't have the WonTons to tell her.
by mollytim August 20, 2008
Shorthand for air conditioning.
Better than A/C, avoids confusion with A/C D/C etc.
The car was getting hot, so I asked him to turn on the airco.
by mollytim July 14, 2010
n. Someone who takes final responsibility.
As, 'the buck stops here'
She was the buckstop for planning the party.
by mollytim October 13, 2007
1. n. Act of needing to defecate
2. n pausing to admire a pretty derriere
1.I may be in the bathroom for a while; I need to make a buttstop.
2.My eyes are making a buttstop on Cindy
by mollytim October 13, 2007

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