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When there is so much work piled on your or your desk, movement from out from under it is nearly impossible.
Hey--pour me a drink! I worked up quite a thirst digging out from my work avalanche to get to happy hour.
by mollygoodhead December 25, 2009
Very similar to mfeo, (made for each other), but adds the extra component of difficulty in that there is a large distance between you and your "made for". Thus, your mffeobtffa is made for each other but too f-ing far away...
MG: I think I finally met my soulmate!

MA: No way! Really? Then why do you look so sad?

MG: It's a case of mfeobtffa...

MA: That's why they make airplanes, silly!
by mollygoodhead February 19, 2010
When playing game on pogo and they pause the game to show you an advertisement. You use this as an opportunity to chat up your opponent, as if you hadn't been doing this all along.
K: Playing scrabble with my bf last night was really hot!

MA: It was? Why?

K: Chattermission on pogo is foreplay time!
by mollygoodhead February 17, 2010
The act of pretty-ing up your feet in anticipation of hooking up with a hottie that will hopefully rub your feet.
MA: Hey-- wanna go to the mall?

K: Yeah, i need some new kicks after i go pedicuring. I'm hooking up with that rockin' hottie i met in Econ 101.
by mollygoodhead February 09, 2010
Person who uses technology to flirt/tease/sext via text messages, mms pics, emails, video chat or IM. This person is normally straight-laced and refined in normal everyday life, but with anonymity of the web, becomes a brazen vixen or stud.
Lily has turned into a cyberfloozy since she met that guy on CL! She's blowing up his phone, sending him naked pix all day! What a shock when he finds out she's his dentist!
by mollygoodhead January 13, 2010
What you walk around in after multiple, in succession holiday parties and events having been inundated with Christmas carols, spiked eggnog and Salvation Army bell ringers.
Me: Hey! Have you seen Chris this week?

You: No, he can't make his way out of the holiday fog!
by mollygoodhead December 18, 2009
The sound a cougar makes in a man's ear just before she eats him alive.
Dude, that coug was so hot. I knew when she grrrrpurred in my ear I was going home with her.
by mollygoodhead January 08, 2010

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